15 آوریل، 2019

Ozone generators (10 to 200 g / h)

Ozone generators (Ozone Generators) are designed and built using the highest technology in Europe, so that they install and install ozone generators without the need for an expert operator with a reliable function.

Using High Frequency with dielectric from a particular alloy, the energy losses in the ozone generator of the Arda Generator are reduced to a degree that is sufficient to cool the flow system and does not require water (a dangerous factor in high frequency systems). ODMs have a high ability to disinfect and disinfect water, wastewater, air and surfaces, and can almost replace all chemical disinfectants, but these ozone generators do not have any harmful residues to humans and nature.

ODN Generators have the least energy consumption and no need for three-phase power generation by ozone production with a concentration of 5 times the usual ozone generators (high concentration of 6%).

The high lifetime of the dielectric with the use of a special alloy in the new generation of capacitors is one of the characteristics of these ozonizers.

Simplicity in operations and repairs is another feature of the ozone generators of Arda, which allows the use of air or oxygen as an intake gas in an orogenic device.

Ozone Modular Generators The Arda generates 10 to 200 g / hr of power.

High safety with the removal of the water circulation system in the capacitors is an advantage of the ozone generator, which has an intelligent protection device for controlling the temperature of the ozone generator.

No need for a water temperature control system to cool the ozone generator is another advantage of this device.